Malted Barley - Diastatic - 500g

Malted Barley - Diastatic - 500g

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This malt is roasted at a lower temperature that retains active enzymes - this is called diastatic malt and it can make quite a difference in dough fermentation even when using as little as 0.5% of the flour in a recipe.  We suggest starting at 0.5% and increasing from there.

The active enzymes in diastatic malt help break down complex carbohydrates into simple sugars that are more easily fermented by yeast and lactobacillus when using sourdough starter.  Malt is often used in sourdough recipes to encourage fermentation and improve taste, it also helps with browning when baking due to higher simple sugar being available for caramelisation.

We provide diastatic malt pre-ground so the enzymes can easily get to work once it comes in contact with waterWe would suggest soaking it in some lukewarm water (ideal would be 60 degrees C) for a couple hours before incorporating into the dough.  Although this isn't strictly necessary it helps soften the fibre which helps produce protect the previous gluten network in your dough and also activates the enzymes.

Customer Reviews

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Amanda Meintjes

I found that it does all of the things the description says it does. It's fresh, and looks like good quality. I add it to all of my baked goods, I also use little bits to feed my sourdough starter and I see a difference when I don't add it to the starter

Binta Glowacki
Malted Barley

Lovely product to add to breads for that extra-crusty crust - has a delicious malty smell

A vital component of my loves now

I wish I knew about this from the start of my baking journey. The ground diastatic malt give my sourdough bread a better rise, and a more open crumb, even with rye flour. I prefer not to bake without it now, and have even tried it in products using commercial yeast, and it was also good. I highly recommend trying this for sourdough loaves.

Marius Wilken
Excellent product

I am very happy with the product my breads look amazing after I started adding the malt I bought from you! The oven spring is double it used to be ! And there is a slight different taste !