Flour: Champagne Valley Type 00

Flour: Champagne Valley Type 00

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The wheat milled at Champagne Valley Stonemill is grown in the foothills of the Drakensberg by the Solms and Sclanders families.  We especially love their Type 00 (Doppio Zero) flour that is very finely milled and sifted to produce the best South African flour (in our view) for pizza, pasta and viennoiserie (croissants etc.).

The cultivar they use has a very high gluten content and the way it is grown and milled enhances this strength that enables very long fermentation for cold bulk ferment and sourdough applications. Also ideal for pasta, naan, and roti. 

If you like making proper hand-shaped pizza this is the flour for you! It is very close in specification to Caputo Blue and Red and most other Italian 00 flours made for medium to long fermentation times. 

We've had this flour tested in a lab and the alveograph numbers are W330 and P/L 0.65 - again ideal for longer fermentation applications while retaining very good extensibility required for pizza and croissants. 

Customer Reviews

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Bought it for pasta, but now an allround favourite

We used to get the imported 00-flour for fresh pasta, and after finding the Champagne Valley flour we thought we’d give it a try. It turned out to be the best flour yet, works incredibly well for pasta, and also used it for the best pizza crust yet. It has a great protein content, so now using it for bread too and in cakes/pastries. We love it, and even better that it’s a local product.

Thank you Elisabeth, great review - that's exactly how we feel. Glad you like it and support local products!

Carlo Flepp
First order

Very good product good service great people

Valerie Corlett
Flour type 00

So very glad to get such high quality 00 flour. Made my homemade pasta super delishious. Will definitely only make pasta with this flour from now on.