Sourdough Starter

Sourdough Starter

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We've been using our sourdough starter for the past 10 years in our bakery and now at Pont de Val to aerate thousands of loaves of breads and pizzas.  We call our starter Yeasty Boys because technically it consists of billions of microbes (yeasts and healthy bacteria) that ferment flour in a symbiotic relationship.  We keep it at 100% hydration, in other words equal parts flour and water, and feed it very regularly as part of our production process.

When purchasing our starter we will supply you with 50g of starter, but this can very quickly be scaled up to any volume you could possibly need.  We'll feed it just before dispatching so that when you received it you'll need to only feed it once before being able to bake with it.

Instructions included with the product, however to learn exactly how to bake sourdough bread we recommend attending our Sourdough Workshop in person or the Sourdough Virtual Workshop.

Customer Reviews

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Gerrit Jacobs
Absolutely amazing

I bought it for my wife for Christmas and she is absolutely loving it. And the bread it produces is delicious.

Isabel Prezioso


Lorna Bellagarda

Such fun and easy to make tour own sourdough bread

Dr Sanet Van Wyk
Sanet's review

Strong starter. I was 'in a hurry' to start baking and didn't want to go through the process of making my own starter. This starter was just amazing. I loved watching it 'bubble up'. It was definitely worth purchasing it, rather than start my own from scratch. Thank you.

Dominic Albrecht

Speedy delivery, with good price for a tasty product!